we'll I'm back. i'm writing about myself. for myself. and to myself. don't take this as an English lesson because my thoughts are random and i'm not mindful about my grammar, nor about the technicalities of this piece. i dont care really.

My world is a swirling mess. and i dont know what i exactly mean. I have been feeling kinda empty for god- knows-knows how long. man, got a nice paying carrer. got great boozin' buddies. got long-legged asian hotties in my bed almost every night ... i got everything and yet i aint got nothing. f**k , i just can't can't make head or tail of what the hell i'm doing. i feel so pathetic!!!

Today I walked outside to go and get some yummy chicken. There is this place called Chicken Dijon and they make some really good food.

The coolest thing about this place is that it is very healthy and you can be very specific about your order. I got a quarter of a chicken, with the breast and wing. I prefer the white meat. They even peel the skin off if you request that. I don't like the skin much so I always ask them to take it off for me. I also got rice pilaf, cole slaw and some pita bread with garlic sauce. MMMMMM

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