1) "bug someone" - to annoy someone.
Example: Would you stop screaming, you're bugging me!

2) "low man on the totem pole" - person in the lowest rank or position
Example: Since I just got hired at the company, I am the low man on the totem pole.

3) "the spur of the moment" - suddenly, impulsively, to do something without thinking first
Example: We went to Disneyland at the spur of the moment since we had just won five-hundred dollars.

4) "ring a bell" - something that comes to memory or sounds familiar
Example: Her name rings a bell but I just can't remember what she looks like.

5) "in the same boat" - experiencing the same bad situation
Example: I know you don't have money for food, but we are in the same boat since I lost my job last week.

A thought....yesterday a friend was talking to me. We went to a funeral and they read the 23 Psalm in the Bible. One of the verses says : "surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life".

She told me that it was interesting to really read that and analyze it. The words say "follow you. She told me that she thought that goodness and mercy is left from you and goes to other people, since it follows and doesn't proceed you.

What we do in life affects other people in a tremendous way.

Just an interesting thought!

Have a good one!

As I was making the coffee at work this morning I was thinking about the process of how to make coffee and I thought I would write down the process for you to learn some more vocabulary.

First, I filled up the coffee pot with 8 cups of water.
Next, I put 2 level scoops and 1 heaping scoop of coffee in a measuring cup.
Next, I poured the water into the coffee pot then turned it on.
The coffee then started to brew.
Once it was finished, I poured myself a cup of coffee.
I added some cream and sugar and voila it was ready for me.
A great way to start off the day!

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