Today I went grocery shopping. I got some bananas, milk, rice, beans, chicken, and some delicious oatmeal cookies.

As I was checking out at the check stand, the cashier told me a very interesting story about an experience that she had with her former live in nanny.

She really had a lot to say, but that was fine with me because I really did enjoy listening to the story that she was telling me.

Some people in life are very friendly to you and want to talk a lot. Other people just don't seem to ever be in a happy mood.

I am happy that I happened to be in that particular cashier's checkout line!

Now time for dinner!

Which country do you think has the richest culture?

I think that there are many countries that are lacking in culture and actually have no sense of culture. There are other countries that have a very strong sense of culture and the people are united through it. Which country or countries would you say lack culture and which would you say have the fullest culture?

I am not really sure how many visas there are to come to the United States although it seems that most people come here on a tourist visa. There are other types as well such as:

-Student or Exchange Student Visa
-Work Visa
-Immigrant Visa

Under these visas there are various types as well. Each visa requires different kinds of evidence or proof for the reason that you are visiting/immigrating to the United States and also some kind of financial support while you are in the country.

Have you ever traveled to the United States? If so, what type of visa did you get? Explain any experiences you might have encountered.

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