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Many of my friends who speak English but still have an accent have really loved this program because it has helped them reduce their accent tremendously and they feel much more confident while speaking. They explain some techniques in this video that help with pronunciation that you can't really find anywhere else.


You may be asking yourself what is the best way to improve your English pronunciation and reduce your accent. This is one obstacle that many people face when they are learning another language.

Many of us do not realize that the language that we speak forms the way we pronounce sounds and also what stress we put on the words which we speak.

If we are unable to change or modify the way we place the stress on the words, we will not be understood in the other language.

In English it is vital that the words that you say have the correct stress. Listen to people as they speak and try to memorize the stress and pronunciation that they put on the words. You can do this by watching English television or videos or by listening to the radio in English.

There are so many resources that are available to you online which can tremendously reduce your accent and better your pronunciation.

The best method that we have seen is the American Accent 16 Hour Audio Course which will help your accent improve tremendously. This program offers techniques that are not often taught in English schools or textbooks. You will notice a definite difference in your accent after completing this program!

A very important part of learning English pronunciation is learning the vowel sounds. The International Phonetic Alphabet for English helps us to differentiate the various vowel sounds. If you learn these symbols and their phonetic equivalents, you will be able to pronounce English words much more like a native speaker.

Let's go through the symbols and vowel sounds now.

see clean i
if interest ɪ
red yes ɛ
hat lack æ
bar dark ɑ
dot fought ɒ
draw yawn ɔ
look could ʊ
food truth u
luck bump ʌ
her turn ɜ
along across ə
say grey eɪ
grow no oʊ
eye blind aɪ
round brown aʊ
toy boil ɔɪ
clear weird ɪə
where air ɛə
sure cure ʊə

Be sure to listen to the sounds again, until you have them memorized and can identify them with their symbol. When you look in the dictionary, the International Phonetic Alphabet (or IPA) for the word is always given. You will be able to produce the vowel sounds more like a native.

Thanks for watching our video. Take a look at our website at where you can find more resources on how to improve your English and your pronunciation.

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