I always like a cup of Joe in the mornings. It's what wakes me up and starts off my day. What exactly is a cup of Joe (you might say)? ........... It's coffee!!!

I prefer mine with some milk and sugar. Actually, I use Sweet-n-low more than sugar because I prefer to take in less calories. I am not sure how good artificial sweetener is for you, but it saves me from putting on the pounds.

Anyways, for me, waking up and smelling the coffee brewing and taking the first sip is what I look forward to each morning.

Hope you had your cup of Joe today. :)

~ Missy

As I was making the coffee at work this morning I was thinking about the process of how to make coffee and I thought I would write down the process for you to learn some more vocabulary.

First, I filled up the coffee pot with 8 cups of water.
Next, I put 2 level scoops and 1 heaping scoop of coffee in a measuring cup.
Next, I poured the water into the coffee pot then turned it on.
The coffee then started to brew.
Once it was finished, I poured myself a cup of coffee.
I added some cream and sugar and voila it was ready for me.
A great way to start off the day!

Today a friend of mine and I went into Starbucks to buy a coffee. I love their coffee, although it costs so much.

Anyway, I was in line and I heard some customers in front of me talking. One of the ladies was talking about the price of the coffee. It is true, it is very expensive. She was saying that her neighbor never goes to Starbucks because she is a "penny pincher". I thought that that would be a good thing to write here so that you can learn the expression.

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