Welcome to Blabbinit. This is Missy. In this podcast I would like to talk about doing the laundry.

Laundry is not an easy task in my house. Kids always like to dirty their clothes and little girls like to change their clothes 20 times per day in order to look pretty.

When clothes are dirty sometimes people throw them on the floor. Other people put them in baskets or in hampers. A basket has no lid and a hamper has a lid to cover the dirty clothes.

When you are ready to wash a load of clothes it is best to separate the darks and the lights so that the dark clothes can be washed in cooler water and so that they don't bleed on the lighter clothes. Many people will also make a load of just white clothes so they can wash in hot water and add bleach to make them whiter.

Once you have the clothes separated, you can take a load and put it inside of the washing machine. Make sure not to fill it too much so that the clothes have enough room to move around during the wash to get clean.

You must then select the water temperature and the water level. For the water temperature you can select cold, warm, or hot. For the water level you can select low, medium, or high, depending on how many clothes you have put into the washing machine.

Once the washing cycle is complete, you will have to take the clothes out of the machine and put them into the dryer.


Good day! Welcome to Blabbinit.com. This is Missy from southern California. We hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits from our website. Please take advantage of the different ways that are offered for you to practice your English. Reading the words with the podcast is a great way to practice.

I am now getting used to the daily routine of life here. I had a wonderful time in Peru and I can't wait for the next time that I can return and explore more parts of the country.

The thing that I really liked was that I was able to practice my Spanish. I am far from fluent, but this trip forced me to use the language. I have to admit, before my trip I would do anything that I could to avoid using it. But now my fears are much less.

A few days after I got back, I went into my favorite restaurant and ordered some chicken, rice and french fries. I ran out of ketchup and needed some more. I went to the guy, who makes the food, who speaks Spanish, and asked him for more ketchup, in Spanish, without even realizing it and without any fear. I think that once you reach the point where you aren't afraid, then the real learning begins.

I realize now that they won't laugh at me for trying. They actually like it. I think that when we learn a new language we are worried about our mistakes, but we don't realize that the other person is listening to the content and not really each word that we say.


Hello and welcome to Blabbinit.com. This is Missy speaking to you from Cusco, Peru. I have been here for about 10 days now and it is a very beautiful place to visit. I have seen many interesting sites with Inca ruins. I also was able to make a video of an interview with some of the tourists whom were in Cusco. They have some interesting things to say about Cusco, the Peruvian people and the culture. I will also post some pictures from my trip so you will all be able to see what this amazing city looks like. It almost feels unreal to be in such a magical place.

I first arrived to the airport and encountered many people who were offering different services such as hotels and tours. I found a lady who gave a really good deal on a hotel room. She had a van take me to the hotel room and I was greeted with the smiles of the people who worked in the hotel.

The next day I took a tour to the Sacred Valley and saw the amazing things that the Incas had built over 1000 years ago. I saw Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero and many markets. The tour guide spoke English and Spanish so I was able to practice my Spanish while listening to her.

I also visited various other sites such as San Jeronimo, Sacsaywaman, and Tipon. Tipon was a place with almost modern-like aqueducts. It is unbelievable to see how people, so many years ago, were able to create something so conventional.

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