Hi everybody and welcome to Blabbinit. This is your host Missy coming to you from Southern California. We welcome you again to another exciting podcast here at Blabbinit. Today I will be talking about opening a bank account.

Yesterday I went to the bank to set up a bank account for my son. I think it is very important to teach him how to save at a young age and the about the value of money. It was a very interesting process and he was very excited to be able to get his first bank account. First, we entered the bank and went up to the information desk to tell them our name and wait to be called by one of the bankers who can set up accounts. This bank is very nice because they have a play area with toys for the kids to play with while we wait.

The lady came over and called our name and we walked over to her desk and sat down and explained to her the reason we came. My son told her that he wanted to open his own bank account so that he could start saving his money. She told him she would be happy to do that.

First, she asked for our address and phone number. We wrote that down on a piece of paper. Afterwards, she needed my name and information since I am his mom and will be responsible for the account.

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